Delete part of liner according to linked zone face group

I am trying to delete parts of a liner as part of a sequential excavation. The sequence for removing parts of the liner is different to the sequence used to install the liner through the “struct liner create by-face…” command.

The zone face groups that the liner is linked to are grouped for the sequential excavation and removal of the liner, but I can’t get “struct liner delete range by …” to recognise these face groups for deleting the liner in sequence.

What’s the most efficient way to remove portions of liner in a different sequence to installation? Or am I missing a trick with the “range by …” command?

It depends on the specific “range”. If using “range group”, the group should be related to liner elements, not the face group. Check if the liner elements have the specified group.

Hi Zhao,

Understood, but the face groups are quite complex and have come through from Griddle. I was looking for a simple way to transfer from the zone face groups to the liner groups based on the zones they are linked to, which I was hopeful would be possible with the range by … command, but can’t see that it’s possible.

I have achieved what I was after with a FISH function now.