FLAC3D V7.0's command for creating isosurfaces

Hi everyone,

Is there anyway command for creating an isosurface for a particular parameter value (e.g. displacement’s magnitude greater than 1)?

I’m currently employing the GUI and the plot’s panel attributes, but I’d like to automatise this process for several models.

Thanks in advance for any light on this.


Here is an example with the command to create the isosurface for displacement greater than 1 mm.

> plot item create zone-isosurface active on ...
>     displacement component magnitude ...
>     isovalue 0.001 surface above autocalc on
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Huy, many thanks for clarifying this to me!

Did you take this directly from the online user manual or elsewhere?

And something else; can the instructions “plot export filename” be used if I want the isosurface to be exported in DXF file format?