FLAC3D v7.141 speed - CPU wave behavior

Is anyone familiar with this kind of “wave” behavior? FLAC3D is only using about 40% of CPU resources due to this “wave” behavior. I have done few tests, concluding that it’s not related to fish-calls, and I have also closed the plots items, but I got the same answer.

PD: I am using AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32 Core Processor

Thanks in advance.

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We just observed 100% CPU usage in i9 machines, separately tested by Jim and myself.
More investigation are in progress.
We suggest you run the speed test on this specific machine. See this website: http://benchmark.itascacloud.com/.


Thanks for answering. First of all, this is not happening in one specific machine only, the wave behavior is happening in 6 different crunchers. Howie tested one of these crunchers, but it is working fine, with 100% CPU over 30 mins or so, but then when I tried running FLAC3D 7, the wave behavior started.


I tested remotely a i9 machine, run more than 30 minutes (actually hours), I still observed 100% CPU usage. Did your tested machines include i9, or are they all AMD machines?

I tested this model in two i9 machines, same behavior.

Hey @ccancino I have a i9 machine an AMD Threadripper (older CPU). Could you send me the data file you are using and I’ll take a look.

I sent you an email. Thanks, Derrick.

This turned out to be the unoptimized interface initialization every 10 steps triggered by the zone relax excavation command during cycling. If the model does not have a lot of interfaces, the issue will not be there. It has been greatly improved/fixed from v700.146.

@cheng @dblanksma thanks for persisting with this issue. Much appreciated!