Flac3d warnings

I am bumping in the same warnings in all my scripts since a new code’s version was introduced (can’t remember the number, sorry!). I haven’t complained yet for I hoped that newer versions would have fixed it, but that has not happened. So here I am to ask for more information about their meaning and how to fix them in my script. I added a screenshot, not sure if it can be seen
Thanks for helping. Cheers

Sorry for the inconvenience. Possible reason is that a newer version opens a project file or restores a savefile created by an older version. These two warnings are related to PFC and should be no problem with FLAC3D. Please just ignore them. Creating a new project file and/or savefiles should eliminate the warnings.

Thanks a lot, I will try to implement your suggestions.

Can you please why the following warning is getting popped?

+++ axial dir. of cables and piles or normal dir. of liners and geogrids
at shared node out of alignment by more than 30 degrees.