Grid Import from Abaqus .Inp file

Has anyone tried to import Grid from Abaqus Input file? I tried, and it shows the information as below. It seems only gridpoints have been generated. However, I cannot plot them, and I do not know what’s the process to generate the corresponding FLAC3D model. There is little description in the online manual.


This specifies an ABAQUS compatible mesh file, with an normally expected extension of [inp]. Acceptable ABAQUS elements are “c3d4”, “c3d5”, “c3d6”, and “c3d8”. Other ABAQUS elements are not supported.

Attached is an example. (86.6 KB)

Below is the grid of the above example:

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Thanks, Cheng!
So if I need to build a complicate structure model with Beam, Shell, and Liner, I have to build it from scratch? We have the strucuture model in SACS, Abaqus, or AutoCAD. Is there any short-cut by using the available models? The only thing I can think of is to import geometric data from the Pane “Geometry”. Any advice would be very much appreciated!