HELP : DLL file modification in 3DECv5.2


Can you provide me any advice on how to use DLL files to modify the existing joint constitutive model / to create UDM? Can I obtain any information on it?

How to call the new UDM? Any example file would help!


Hi @VijayKiranKota !

3DEC5.2 documention provides details on how to build UDM models whether for zones or joints.
I dont’ think there is online documentation, but you will find the tutorial and explanations in the Constitutive Models / Section3 : Writing New Constitutive Models section of the pdf version.
In addition, example files are provided in the pluginfiles/jmodels/example subfolder of your 3DEC520 installation directory, and can be compiled directly using Visual Studio 2010 (maybe later versions work).

Hope it will help!


The documentation in 5.2 is not that comprehensive. Here is a supplemental document that may help.
How to build example constitutive model in 3DEC.pdf (245.2 KB)

Thank you: Theophile and Jim, for your responses.

You can try writing fish for new stress strain relation and get equivalent new constitutive model if only slight modification in constitutive model is required.