Joint creep model

Hi, I am trying to simulate time dependent behaviour of joints.
In 3DEC version 5.2, I couldn’t discover any joint creep models.
It’s been reported that 3DEC version 7 has few.
Could someone share the .h and/or.cpp file for JPower model of 3DEC v 7. So that I may use with minor modifications to it?

Additionally, I was wondering whether I could utilize a non-time dependent MCslip model for joints and a time dependent Burgers model for zones. What outcome would such a combination produce?

It seems that the C++ for the joint models is not included with the version 7 distribution. I will fix this so that they are included with the next update.

Hi @jhazzard and Itascans,
Can I apply a time-dependent Burgers model to zones and a non-time-dependent MC-slip model to joints? What result would such a combination have?
I tried this combination and was able to obtain the results stresses/displacement time/age. Yet, I wasn’t certain whether they were true.
Could you please shed some light over this.