Creep models for joint planes in 3DEC v5.2

What joint creep mat models are supported by 3DEC v5.2?
Can I analyze the creep behaviour of a jointed rockmass using the MC-slip / CY jmat models combined with zone constitutive Power-Law visco-plastic or WIPP-creep visco-plastic models? Will the combination hold up for real-time (creep time) analyses?
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That entirely depends on whether you actually want to have “creeping” joints, e.g. joints with a time-dependent shear behavior. In that case, you will probably have to create your own custom creeping joint model.

If you just want to model a creeping material e.g. connected by some weakness planes with time-independent shear properties, you can use the built-in models as you suggested.

There is a power-law joint creep model in version 7. See here: Power Law Creeping Joint Model In 3DEC — 3DEC 7.0 documentation