Help needed...Coupling analysis (consolidation)

Hi @itascan @dblanksma ,

I am requesting an insight to clear my confusion regarding the coupling analysis.

I am trying to run a coupling analysis for the staged construction of embankment over soft soil.
In my case, during the staged construction, there is but very little increase in excess pore water pressure and after completion of construction in (10 stages), the rate of dissipation of pore water pressure is very fast and leading to the fast stabilization of the soil in terms of settlement.

Excess pore pressure (consolidation) has very little impact but still needs to be considered in my numerical analysis. So I am trying to run a coupling analysis and I would like to request some insights on the following queries?

  1. If my excess pore water pressure due to loading is not significant but still need to incorporate in numerical modeling, do I need to solve for undrained case for each loading and then run coupling scenario? Repeat the steps for different stages of loading?

  2. How is it possible to reduce time run in such scenario?

  3. If my water table is slightly below the ground level (~0.5 m), can I still run fast flow analysis?

I have read the itasca documentation guide. It did provide some knowledge regarding this modeling approach but I find it hard to draw conclusion based on my case and hence asking for some insights?