How to display two plot items at different positions in the same plot?

How to de-link two plot items and display them at different positions in the same plot as in Figure 7 of the documentation?


Thank you in advance.

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To display plotitems at different locations, you can move (or translate) each of the items some distance from the original (central) location. To do this, click on the plotitem, then go to Attributes dialog and then find Map submenu. Within it, there are options for rotation, translation, scaling, etc. Modify Translation vector as desired.
Below, is an example similar to the one you showed (I translated both plotitems to custom location to better see everything). Note that as you translate objects further and further from the center, they may look more distorted due to perspective view (“Persp” option in the lower right corner of the window). In this case, try switching to parallel view and see which one works better (just click on “Persp”).


Thank you very much.