Mesh generation error: GEN ALTERNATE command in 3DEC

How to use generate ALTERNATE command in 3DEC v5.2?
And, how to split a specific block (Ex: Block 1234) and how to zone it alone separately?

I tried using the command as:
Gen Alt edge 1
Gen edge 1 alt
Gen edge alt 1

Nothing worked.

Any suggestion on this?

“Gen edge 1 alternate” should work, if I remember correctly. In most cases, I was then able to mesh problematic blocks. Maybe it did work as intended, but your problem lies in other blocks? What is the error?

You can’t zone a block separately in 3DEC 5.2. All blocks are zoned together, when a generate command is given for each. You can however try to circumvent this by meshing a smaller model (less blocks) and then creating the other blocks. This way you can theoretically zone separately, but I don’t think this is recommend and only a last resort.

Splitting a specific block should work with the corresponding range command, but I mostly just hide all other and “show block XX” and use the JSET command without range.

Your questions suggest some deeper problems with the blocks themselves, maybe you can give a bit more info on them?

Hi Markus,
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, “Gen edge 1 alternate” did not work for me.
However, I tried deleting the small blocks which were causing the issue. It then worked.