The program crash

When I was running the model, I just clicked the plot item list and the program closed by itself. After that, it show something like picture below.

Then, I choose ‘3DEC’ and I click ‘OK’, it shows the place to write what happened. Because it has these problem not for only one time, I skip it. When I open 3DEC again, it shows another thing like picture below.

I provide the code here.

code.txt (3.6 KB)

May I ask what’s the problem there? Is my model too complex to run,which cause this phenomena?

This is what happens when the program crashes. If you select OK, it will send a message to technical support.

I can’t reproduce your problem without the dxfs. Can you send your model to technical support? Can you also let us know what plot item you clicked on that caused the crash?

Sure.The place I clicked is below.At that time I just clicked the “Joint Plane Joint Set”, and then it crashed.

DXF (4.5 KB)

I can’t reproduce this crash. Were you trying to view the plot as a save file was restoring? This can sometimes cause problems.
If the joint plane plot consistently doesn’t work, try giving these two commands:
block joint-plane off
block joint-plane on

This will force a re-triangulation of the joint planes for plotting.