Massflow: zone plot options are missing since v9.00.166 update


Since installing v9.00.166, it seems many of the plot items in Massflow are no longer available?

I’m running coupled FLAC3D-MassFlow models, but I can no longer find how I can plot zone properties. How can I get that back?


You need to run coupled models in FLAC3D. Then you can see everything.

Thanks @jhazzard,

I’m still struggling to get the models running between the version updates. Could you have a look at our block model import. I am getting an error:

*** ID number 18446744072199019712 is already in use.
While processing line 3 of source GUI Console.

There are only ~400k blocks in the block model, so I’m not sure what it is referring to.

The file is 47MB so to big to upload here, should I email it to you?

There have been some changes to the import format. It can now take a csv file format that is more flexible. See MassFlow Theory and Background — Itasca Software 9.0 documentation

This might be the problem. If not, please send the file

Also - I just made a MassFlow category in this forum.