Parallel bonds in clusters

Hello all
I have transferred a clump to cluster and want to create parallel bonds between the particles. I have used the procedure used in PFC 7 manual ( Ribbon Blender) to create the clusters. I would be glad if you could tell me how to modify the code in this example for all types of clusters not only pill shaped ones. Thank you

Hello Mehrdad,

The clusters are built from a pre-defined shell geometry. In the Ribbon Blender example the shell geometry is an ellipsoid. The .stl file called “geometry.stl” defines the ellipsoidal shape.
If you wanted to modify the code for other shapes, you will need to create and .stl file that defines the shape. Upon quick inspection it looks like the example will work with any shape you define, but I would be careful just adding a new cluster and assume all works as it should.

Thank you for your help.